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Chairman and Dr. Liu Yanfei,
Secretary General , CMA

The Foundation has two kinds of Fellowship Programs that give opportunities for advanced bioscience research works and medical trainings to medical doctors and researchers from various countries by having them attend leading institutions in Japan.

The Takeda Science Foundation provides international medical/pharmaceutical researchers with opportunities to conduct research in Japan. From among the candidates recommended by local screening committees in the seven designated countries of Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, scholarship recipients are decided following the prescribed screening process and approval by the Chairman of the Foundation.

In addition to candidates from those seven countries, researchers from other countries whose applications have been filed by Japanese researchers, and who are recommended by the screening committee, receive scholarships upon approval by Chairman of the Foundation.

Each year, the number of international researchers to receive support is decided following approval by the Board of Trustees. For 2017/2018, scholarships will be awarded to 61 researchers in total, 51 from the seven designated countries and 10 from other countries including 5 from India.

The expertise of eligible researchers covers a broad range of fields, from basic medicine to clinical medicine. Between 1963, the year of the Foundation’s establishment, and the end of March, 2017, scholarships have been offered to a total of 1,561 researchers.

Chairman's speech at the 50th Anniversary of Thai Fellowship Program
(Bangkok, September, 2014)

The 50th Anniversary of Taiwan Fellowship Program with Selection Committee Members and Taiwan medical doctor or research fellows
(Taipei, September, 2014)

Application requirements of fellowship programs

Applicable Field Healthcare related fields such as medicine and pharmaceutical sciences
Content We provide grants to Foreign Researchers doing research in Japanese universities, research institutes or hospitals.
Candidates Research Grant (I):
Foreign Researchers from Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.
Research Grant (II):
Foreign Researchers of nationalities other than the seven listed above.
Offer method Public
Application method Research Grant (I):
Applicants undergo screening by the selection committee in their respective home countries and submit the prescribed documents to the foundation, via the secretariat of the selection committee.
Research Grant (II):
A Japanese researcher who wishes to invite a Foreign Researcher shall complete the application procedures. Applicants submit the application form prescribed by the foundation, the statement by the director or representative of the organization to which the applicant belongs indicating approval of the invited researcher's acceptance and the prescribed documents about the invited researcher to the foundation.
Grant period Research Grant (I):
Depending on the nature of the research, 3, 6, 12, or 24 months.
Research Grant (II):
In principle, 6 months, at a maximum of 12 months
Selection of Foreign Researcher Research Grant (I):
Foreign Researcher shall be selected through the prescribed screening process and subjected to the approval of the chairman of the foundation from applicants recommended by their home country's selection committee.
Research Grant (II):
Foreign Researcher shall be selected through the prescribed screening process and subjected to the approval of the chairman of the foundation.
Number of Grant recipients Research Grant (I): 51 persons
Research Grant (II): 10 persons (including 5 from India)
Grant details Foreign Researcher shall be provided with the actual cost of one round trip between the international airports in the researcher's country and Japan as well as a grant of 250,000 yen per month.

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