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Who is eligible ?

A foreign researcher in a medical field, such as medical or pharmaceutical science is eligible, except for the purpose of education including graduate school. Combination with other scholarship cannot be allowed. Please "Contact Us" for any other inquiries.

How to apply ?

Research Grant (I):
Please ask and apply to the selection committee/ secretary in your respective home country.
The contact information is written at the bottom of our website:

Research Grant (II):
A Japanese researcher who wishes to invite a foreign researcher (including resident in Japan) should apply to the foundation by sending an email of "Contact Us"

When is the application period ?

Research Grant (I):
Please contact the selection committee/ secretary in your respective home country as the period is different in each country.

Research Grant (II):
From April to July for the next fiscal year’s application

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Grant details

What is the amount of the grant ?

The actual cost of a round trip between the international airport in the researcher’s country and in Japan as well as the amount of 250,000 yen per month.
If the average monthly rent in Japan is higher than 50,000 yen, the excess is refundable at a maximum of 50,000 yen.

Is it necessary to buy health insurance ?

The foundation will provide Overseas Traveler’s Accident Insurance to cover most medical expenses, but the grant recipient need to buy National Health Insurance in addition to Overseas Traveler’s Accident Insurance if the period of staying in Japan is over 3 months.

Is it possible to extend the fellowship period ?

Extension of originally approved fellowship term cannot be allowed.

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Certificate of Eligibility (CE)

Shall the foundation apply for CE ?

The Japanese research institution which will receive the fellow is qualified to apply for CE. The necessary documents for the application for CE shall be sent to the mentor by the foundation.

The university accepts a foreign researcher as a student in the policy. Is it acceptable ?

It is no problem if the researcher is selected through the prescribed screening process (except for the purpose of education).

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