Classification of fellowship

QWhat is different between Grant (I) and Grant (II) ?

AFellowship for foreign researchers from Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, China, Indonesia and Vietnam is classified as Grant (I). In these countries, as there are selection committees/secretaries, selection of fellows is left to the selection committees. On the other hand, as for researchers from the other countries, Japanese mentors who want to invite the researchers should apply for their fellowship as Grant (II) and Japanese selection committee will select fellows. There is no difference of grants between Grant (I) and Grant (II).

Application requirements

QWho is eligible ?

AFor Grant (I), as eligibility depends on each country, please contact the selection committee/ secretary in your respective home country, whose contact information is written in the bottom of following URL: https://www.takeda-sci.or.jp/en/fellowship/abroad.php.
For Grant (II), medical doctors (MD) or doctors of philosophy (PhD) in medical or bioscience field are eligible. However, doctors who are staying in Japan at the time of application or have stayed in Japan for 1 year or longer in total are not applicable. In addition, graduate students are ineligible. Furthermore, combination with other grants such as the grant from JSPS which is higher than 200,000 yen/month is not allowed. In case of unclearness, please "Contact Us".

QHow to apply ?

AGrant (I):
Please ask to the selection committees/ secretary in your respective home country and apply as instructed by them. Their contact information is written in the bottom of following URL: https://www.takeda-sci.or.jp/en/fellowship/abroad.php

Grant (II):
A Japanese mentor who wishes to invite a foreign researcher should ask to the foundation by sending an email of "Contact Us" and apply as our instructions.

QWhen is the application period ?

AGrant (I):
Please contact the selection committees/ secretary in your respective home country as the period is different in each country.

Grant (II):
We will receive the next fiscal year’s application from April to the middle of July. The selection results will be informed by the end of September.

Grant details

QWhat is the amount of the grant ?

AThe Grant will be provided as followings:
A round trip air tickets between the international airport in the researcher’s country and in Japan as well as the amount of 300,000 yen per month.
Furthermore, actual cost max 100,000 yen is refundable as an aid for expenses to start research or clinical training.
After the payment is made by the fellow himself/herself, please submit the request to the foundation.

QIs it necessary to buy health insurance ?

AThe fellows who stay in Japan over 3 months need to buy National Health Insurance. If needed, please buy a travel insurance in addition.

QIs it possible to extend the fellowship period ?

AExtension of originally approved fellowship term is not allowed.

Certificate of Eligibility (CE)

QShall the foundation apply for CE ?

AThe fellow or the Japanese research institution which will receive the fellow is qualified to apply for CE to the nearest Immigration Bureau.
In case of Grant (I), our foundation will arrange and send the necessary documents for the application for CE to the mentor, who shall apply for the CE by using the documents. In case of Grant (II), the mentor shall arrange the necessary documents for the application for CE by themselves and apply for the CE.

QEven if the university has to accept a foreign researcher as a student in the policy, is it acceptable as a fellow ?

AIt is no problem if the researcher is selected through the prescribed screening process (except for the purpose of education). However, even if tuition fee is necessary, our foundation cannot pay other than the grant details written above.

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